East Lansing has got 99 problems but great beer ain’t one

One of the greatest places to grab a beer in East Lansing after a long hard day is HopCat.hopcat blog

HopCat was opened in 2013 with one mission in mind: “to bring you great beer”. With 100 draft beers – all craft- there is no way you cannot find a beer to your liking. They change their menu every week, adding and deleting beers from the menu. I have tried so many new beers; there is no way to keep track of all names.

One of the more memorable beers I have gotten though was a barrel aged Russian imperial stout called, “Kill em all”. It comes in a tiny 5oz glass but has a kick to it that will get you buzzed before you can say the word humalupalicious. If you love stouts and want to try something new, “kill em all” definitely has a good kick to it. It isn’t or the faint of heart.

Speaking of humalupalicious…It is another memorable beer I have had at hop cat. Its only 5 dollars and I mainly just tried it because of the name. Rumor has it that it’s the owner’s favorite beer, even says on the menu. But I must say this IPA has a great taste to it and is a safer bet for someone who isn’t a fan of darker beers. It is not super “hoppy” so it goes down pretty smooth in my opinion. And who wouldn’t want to say they drank a “humalupalicious”.

Visit HopCat’s website to see the latest menu and deals: HopCat – East Lansing